“Demystifying Prompt Engineering: AI Prompts at Your Fingertips”

AI is poised to create a whole new way of working. Are you ready for the pivotal moment?

Generative AI tools are rapidly transforming businesses and redefining career roles. And, Prompt Engineering-the ability to communicate with AI models like ChatGPT  is fast emerging as an essential skill. This book will help you master the new skills for the coming decade.

What you will learn

  • Five foundation attributes of writing effective prompts.
  • Eight advanced techniques of Prompt Engineering.
  • Best Practices from the trenches.
  • Hone your prompt writing skills with hands-on lab exercises.
  • Hit the ground running with ready-to-use Prompt Cookbooks

“Riveting and captivating, this book is a must-read for every professional seeking to create an edge within their respective domain.” – Nikhil Parva-Former Managing Consulting Advisor, KPMG.

This step-by-step is your on-ramp to the AI Enabled Workforce.
Learn how to use AI as your co-pilot with effective prompts that unleash your creativity, turbocharge your productivity and enhance operational efficiency. Each chapter features curated prompts that illustrate key concepts with simplicity and clarity. 

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Book is authored by Harish Bhat, a seasoned tech industry professional based in Silicon Valley, California. During his various consulting engagements, he has seen at close quarters the technology disruption that is transforming businesses and creating new business models.

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